1. "HEALTHY TIP #5: Only eat to nourish your body. Everything else is simply excess that the body does not need to survive."

  2. "HEALTHY TIP #4: Guzzle water like it’s your job. No excuses. Drink like a boss."

  3. "HEALTHY TIP #3: Chocolate milk is good for your body post-workout!"
    — But only a small glass and don’t use too much chocolate!

  4. "HEALTHY TIP #2: To reduce temptation, store unhealthy food you have at the back of your fridge / pantry and healthy food at the front. This will help you grab the healthy food when you’re in a rush and avoid searching for the unhealthy food!"

  5. How to reduce bloating:

    - Eat potassium-rich foods (like bananas, cantaloupe, mangos, spinach, tomatoes, nuts, asparagus)

    - Eat small meals more often

    - Stop chewing gum, drinking through a straw, eating while talking, and smoking. These activities cause you to inhale more air that goes straight to, you guessed it, your tummy

    - Limit carb intake at night (pasta, bread, etc)

    - Toss out the soda! The carbonation causes you to poof out

    - Say goodbye to sugar substitutes!

    - Massage your tummy and apply pressure in a circular motion by your hips (weird, but it works)

    - Pick up some parsley and snack on that

    - Walk at least 15-20 minutes per day

    All tips from this website!


  6. "HEALTHY TIP #1: Eat with your non-dominant hand. It will force you to become more aware of what you’re eating and how fast you’re eating it. You will also become more aware when you’re full."