1. "QUICK WORKOUT CHALLENGE: Get on all fours and kick each leg back and up as far as you can go. Return to front arm and keep going! Do each leg 15-30 times and repeat. It’s harder than it looks! (Works arms, abs, butt)"

  2. Workout (7/8)

    - 1 hour of singles tennis


  3. 6/14 Workout

    - Pop Pilates ‘What Makes You Bootyful' video

    - Pop Pilates ‘1 Minute Ab Challenge' video

    - Outer thigh video

    - 1 minute jump rope

    - 50 air toe touches (25 per side)

    - 50 reverse crunches

    Literally had a terrible day and didn’t feel like doing anything else. I needed this ‘light’ day anyway. Motivation from my followers, please?


  4. Finding time to workout / eat with a busy schedule

    I started working at a kids’ activity camp on Monday and it’s been really hard to get in my cardio / strength training.

    It’s also hard to eat healthy and eat at regular intervals so I’m not starving and overeat later.

    Soooo… I’ve been planning my meals / snacks the night before and I take them to work in small containers I bought at Target.

    As for working out… I’m literally DEAD when I come home at 3:30 from work because I chase kids around all day. Plus I’m starving because I eat a small lunch because it’s right before we swim and I don’t want to have a food baby while I’m in a bathing suit.

    When I came home from work this week I headed straight up to my room with an unhealthy snack, plopped on my bed and literally just surfed my computer for 2 hours, not wanting to workout at all. 

    Luckily (I don’t know how), I get this burst of energy / inspiration after reading Fitblrs, so I have worked out every day.

    LESSON: No matter how crazy or busy your schedule is, if eating healthy, working out, getting fit, and changing your life means enough for you to put in the extra effort, you WILL do it. I am living proof. You CAN do it.

    Every little bit counts. Whether it’s 5 crunches in the morning when you wake up. 10 jumping jacks when you’re getting changed. 20 squats while you’re waiting for your oatmeal to heat up in the microwave. EVERYTHING COUNTS. It’s better than nothing. 


  5. 6/10 Workout

    • 5k race in the morning (like 85 degrees) —> ran it in 32:15. My goal was 32 minutes!
    • Went to the zoo and walked around for about 3 hours! Burned soooo many calories in the hot sun!
    • Then I did this workout + 1 more minute jumping jacks (10 minutes total, no rest in between)

  6. My beginning

    - Day 6 of Jillian Michaels 30 Day Shred Challenge

    - Day 3 of Pop Pilates ‘Call Me Maybe’ squat challenge

    - I also do short strength training and cardio workouts in reps of the following:













    I started Jillian Michaels on Friday, June 1st, but I have only done it 6 times.

    I started Pop Pilates on Wednesday, June 6th, and I have done it 3 times.

    I started doing my cardio / strength training intervals on Wednesday, June 6th, and I have done it 3 times.